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Slow Cooker Revolution

Slow Cooker Revolution

by America's Test Kitchen

Editeur : America's Test Kitchen
ISBN: 9781933615691
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Date d'affichage: 2021-06-22

La description:

Who doesn't like the idea of throwing ingredients into a slow cooker and coming back hours later to a finished meal? Too bad most slow-cooker recipes deliver mediocre results you'd rather forget than fix again. A team of test cooks at America's Test Kitchen spent a year developing recipes, and what they discovered will change the way you use your slow cooker. Did you know that onions, garlic, and spices should be "bloomed" in the microwave before they go into the slow cooker to intensify their flavors? Did you know that a little soy sauce mixed with tomato paste adds meaty flavors to almost any stew and can often replace the tedious step of browning the meat? And the secret to a moist slow-cooker chicken? Start the bird upside down for white meat that won't dry out. The 200 recipes in this family-friendly collection deliver a revolution in slow cooking. Who says you can't have convenience and big, bold flavors!