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The Thousandfold Thought

The Thousandfold Thought

by R. Scott Bakker

Editeur : Overlook Press, The
ISBN: 9781585678839
Broché: 560
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Date d'affichage: 2021-01-17

La description:

"In The Darkness That Comes Before, R. Scott Bakker's debut, readers were invited into a darkly threatening, imaginative universe as fully realized as that of any in modern fantasy and introduced to the powerful warrior-philosopher Anasurimbor Kelhus, on whom the fate of a violently apocalyptic Holy War rests. Bakker's follow up to The Darkness That Comes Before, The Warrior Prophet enticed readers further into the world of myth, violence, and sorcery. With the ultimate battle drawing near, Anasurimbor Kelhus closed in on the elusive goal of reuniting with his father, mastering the ancient arts he will need to prepare himself for the encounter." "Will Kelhus be able to rise to claim his role within the ascendancy, or will he be overtaken by his enemies - both within and without? Will he reach the ancient city of Shimeh and reunite with his father? Upon the apocalypse, will there be survivors left to write the history of the Holy War?" The answers to these questions, left hanging at the conclusion of The Warrior Prophet, are brought into focus in The Thousandfold Thought, the conclusion to the Prince of Nothing series.