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The Art of Whittling

The Art of Whittling

by Walter L. Faurot

Editeur : Linden Publishing
ISBN: 9781933502076
Broché: 90
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Date d'affichage: 2020-09-28

La description:

One of the earliest guides to traditional whittling, this reprint of a 1930s classic preserves all of the original projects and text and adds updated drawings for the contemporary whittler. This manual is still sought after by whittlers because it explains how to carve many items popular in American tramp art and more complicated items that are not included in most whittling books, such as continuous wooden chairs, hand tools, puzzles, balls inside spirals, swivels, entwined hearts, and buildings inside bottles. The line art has been redrawn, color added, and additional art included, making this unique book valuable to a new generation of ...