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The God-Kings Of Europe

The God-Kings Of Europe

by Hugh Montgomery

Editeur : Book Tree, The
ISBN: 9781585091096
Broché: 180
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Date d'affichage: 2020-05-31

La description:

After many years of research and with the help of scholars from around the world, Professor Hugh Montgomery has released a book that is clearly one of the most scholarly examinations of the heritage of European rulers to date. The implications of this work are enormous as they involve a lineage traced back to Odin, once believed to be a Norse god, whose lineage then merged with the bloodline of Jesus Christ himself. Those who have dismissed the idea of a lineage from Jesus have given credence to popular fiction and what many would consider flawed research, as until now, that is all that has been commercially available. This is a subject whose time has come, with a well-researched book that goes far beyond mere