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Sailing to the Reefs

Sailing to the Reefs

by Bernard Moitessier

Editeur : Sheridan House, Incorporated
ISBN: 9781574091205
Broché: 304
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Date d'affichage: 2020-08-11

La description:

Perhaps the title of this book, Bernard Moitessier's first, should have been "Sailing on the Reefs'—for that is exactly what he did, almost unbelievably, twice. After finding his beloved Marie-Thérèse, a beautiful junk in the Gulf of Siam, he set off across the Indian Ocean for Africa and eventually the Caribbean. Eighty days or so into the trip, Moitessier and Marie-Thérèse found themselves on the reef at Diego Garcia. It took Moitessier just nine months to build Marie-Thérèse ...