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Using A Property Company To Save Tax

Using A Property Company To Save Tax

by Carl Bayley

Editeur : Taxcafe UK Ltd
ISBN: 9781907302336
Broché: 314
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Date d'affichage: 2021-04-11

La description:

If you're putting money into property you should seriously consider the benefits of setting up your own company. The potential tax savings are huge. For example, using a company it's possible to get the taxman to completely fund your rental losses. One fascinating new example shows how an investor with a £10,000 rental deficit is able to obtain a tax refund of £16,600, thus turning a loss into a profit! There are also a number of drawbacks and traps to avoid, so it's essential to arm yourself with all the relevant facts.This guide looks at the whole picture and explains ALL the tax consequences of using a property company. It contains dozens of examples and tax planning tips that you ...