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The Law of Loving Others

The Law of Loving Others

by Kate Axelrod

Editeur : Penguin Young Readers Group
ISBN: 9781595147905
Broché: 240
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Date d'affichage: 2020-08-01

La description:

“Kate Axelrod’s atmospheric, intense book captures perfectly the heady feeling of being on the edge of adulthood, when the abstract concept of ‘love’ starts to have real and sometimes terrifying meaning and consequences.” – Emily Gould, author of Friendship  “THE LAW OF LOVING OTHERS . . . Emma returns home from boarding school anticipating a quiet winter break hanging out with friends and taking trips into the city to visit her new boyfriend, Daniel. But when she arrives, she discovers that her mother has been hospitalized after suffering a schizophrenic break—and it's not the first time. Emma's life is immediately thrown into chaos as an ill-equipped Daniel starts to become emotionally distant, and Emma begins to question her own mental health.    COULD NOT BE DISCOVERED BY REASON, Then, Emma meets Phil, whose brother is in the same rehabilitation center as Emma's mother, and who understands what Emma is going through better than anyone else. As their connection deepens, Emma finds comfort in Phil, but she also worries that their shared sadness is only making her spiral further.  BECAUSE IT IS UNREASONABLE.” A profound and classic coming-of-age novel, THE LAW OF LOVING OTHERS follows Emma's heart-wrenching journey as she discovers what it means to love others—and herself—unconditionally.