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Daughter of the Forest

Daughter of the Forest

by Juliet Marillier

Editeur : Doherty, Tom Associates, LLC
ISBN: 9780765343437
Broché: 560
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Taille du fichier: 14 Mb
Date d'affichage: 2020-11-25

La description:

A beautiful retelling of the Celtic "Swans" myth, Daughter of the Forest is a mixture of history and fantasy, myth and magic, legend and love... To reclaim the lives of her brothers, Sorcha leaves the only safe place she has ever known and embarks on a journey filled with pain, loss and terror. When she is kidnapped by enemy forces and taken to a foreign land, it seems that there will be no way for Sorcha to break the spell that condemns all that she loves. But magic knows no boundaries, and sorcha will have to choose between the live she has always known and a love that comes only once.