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Grace O'Malley - The Queen of the Sea

Grace O'Malley - The Queen of the Sea

by Elizabeth O'Neill-Sheehan

Editeur : Elizabeth O'Neill-Sheehan
ISBN: 9781682732205
Broché: 22
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Date d'affichage: 2020-09-18

La description:

Grace O'Malley, The Queen of the Sea is a children's storybook written and illustrated by Elizabeth O'Neill-Sheehan. Grace was a heroic woman whose legacy as warrior, chieftain, and pirate should ring on as one who did not let roles, but rather made her ambitions define her. Written with rhythm and rhyme, Grace's story, including her famous meeting with Queen Elizabeth I, is echoed in true Irish songlike manner to inspire readers to tap into the pirate in their souls. This book is perfect to reflect on Irish heritage and the roles of women in history.