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Variants Head and Neck Imaging

Variants Head and Neck Imaging

by Achilles Karagianis

Editeur : McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing
ISBN: 9780071808675
Broché: 1680
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Date d'affichage: 2020-09-24

La description:

More than 4,800 illustrations address common head and neck imaging issues most often faced by radiologists in clinical practice Head and Neck Imaging Variants delivers more than 375 cases and 4,800 illustrations to help you determine whether a finding is truly abnormal or merely a variant and to avoid common imaging pitfalls. Imaging variants affecting all areas of head and neck imaging are addressed. Companion cases are included with almost all of the primary variant cases to help illustrate key differentiating imaging features. In addition, because interpreting the postoperative and irradiated neck can be a daunting task, a large number of these cases are included in this textbook. Since it is vital to understand the important characteristics of a variant or disease process in order to interpret imaging accurately, short discussions about the variant and relevant pathology are included. Salient features of the more common head and neck surgical procedures pertinent to image interpretation are also discussed. FEATURES: Valuable to the radiologist who interprets head and neck imaging as well as to residents and fellows Peer reviewed literature provided and referenced for the variants as well as for the companion cases Large, high-resolution images that clearly annotate the imaging findings ABOUT THE McGRAW-HILL RADIOLOGY SERIES This innovative series offers indispensable workstation reference material for the practicing radiologist. Within this series is a full range of practical, clinically relevant works divided into three categories: PATTERNS: Organized by modality, these books provide a pattern-based approach to constructing practical differential diagnosis VARIANTS: Structured by modality as well as anatomy, these graphic references aid the radiologist in reducing false-positive rates CASES: Classic case presentations with an emphasis on differential diagnosis and clinical context