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The Elements of Social Scientific Thinking

The Elements of Social Scientific Thinking

by Kenneth R. Hoover, Todd Donovan

Editeur : Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781439082423
Broché: 208
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Date d'affichage: 2020-11-29

La description:

A concise introduction to the fundamental concepts of social scientific thinking and research, The Elements of Social Scientific Thinking is a classic text that makes scientific thinking, research methods, and statistics accessible to undergraduates at a common sense level. This text is intended for use in a broad array of the social sciences, including political science, sociology, and psychology. In this Edition: Updated research, findings, and techniques are included. Additions to sections on research techniques to include even more information on computer-driven statistical tools. A new Appendix A provides a discussion of America's declining "social capital" in order to illustrate how scholars have approached the changing relationship of community involvement and political participation. Appendix B explores the causes and consequences of trust in government in order to illustrate how observations of correlation are used to assess explanations of causality. Our Mission: At Wadsworth Political Science, our goal is to publish current, relevant programs that help instructors create lively, engaging classrooms. We aim to further inspire those students who are passionate about the discipline, and to motivate beginning students by showing them that they can, indeed, make a difference. Wadsworth, a part of Cengage Learning, publishes textbooks and programs for all of the course areas in the Political Science curriculum. Read More Show Less