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A Jolly Time in Canning Town

A Jolly Time in Canning Town

by Patricia Jolly

Editeur : Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd
ISBN: 9781785543821
Broché: 330
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Date d'affichage: 2020-05-23

La description:

A Jolly Time in Canning Town is a very detailed and personal account of Patricia Jolly's upbringing and life in old dockland London. She traces her family history, and moves on to describe how life was, living, and working, in her father's greengrocer shop in the aftermath of the Second World War. They were austere times, no luxuries, basic housing and money was very tight. Austere, but still a happy childhood, surrounded by an extended family who all pull together when necessary, and who know how to enjoy themselves in spite of the hardships. As she grows up and moves into employment, still within the same local area, we learn more of what life was like for the ordinary working person, and her account evokes old memories of life before computers, private cars and foreign holidays. This book is an insight into the social history of three generations of Cockney costermongers living and trading in the East End of London.