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Fish Cognition and Behavior

Fish Cognition and Behavior

by Culum Brown, Kevin Laland

Editeur : Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated
ISBN: 9781444332216
Broché: 472
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Date d'affichage: 2020-08-11

La description:

The study of animal cognition has until recently been largely confined to birds and mammals; a historical bias which has led to the belief that learning plays little or no part in the development of behavior in fishes and reptiles. Research in recent decades has begun to redress this misconception and it is now recognized that fishes exhibit a rich array of sophisticated behavior with impressive learning capabilities entirely comparable with those of mammals and other terrestrial animals. Building on the very well-received First Edition, and covering all major areas of fish learning, all chapters in this brand new edition of Fish Cognition and Behavior have been revised and updated by an internationally recognized team of contributing authors, with the addition of three brand new chapters, covering personality traits and behavior, lateralization of cognitive functions in fish, and cognition and welfare. This Second Edition of Fish Cognition and Behavior is essential reading for all fish biologists and ethologists, and contains much information of commercial importance for fisheries managers and aquaculture personnel. Libraries in all universities and research establishments where biological sciences, aquaculture and fisheries are studied and taught will find this book an extremely important addition to their shelves. Reviews of the First Edition ‘’Fish Cognition and Behavior is an essential read for anyone interested in fish welfare, psychology, sensory biology, neurobiology, conservation, and the application of pure research.’’ —The Quarterly Review of Biology Fish Cognition and Behavior … “will open the eyes of many readers to the importance of fish…in studying and understanding various aspects of animal cognition.” —Animal Behaviour “Insightful and fascinating questions are presented together with useful suggestions for future research directions on fish cognition… sufficiently entertaining to be read cover to cover.” —Fish and Fisheries “This is one of the best-edited and most valuable volumes I have encountered for those interested in the behavior of fish.” —Reviews in Fish Biology & Fisheries