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Python Projects for Kids

Python Projects for Kids

by Jessica Ingrassellino

Editeur : Packt Publishing, Limited
ISBN: 9781782175063
Broché: 173
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Date d'affichage: 2020-05-22

La description:

Unleash Python and take your small readers on an adventurous ride through the world of programming About This Book Learn to start using Python for some simple programming tasks such as doing simple mathematical calculations. Use logic and control loops to build a nice interesting game. Get to grips with working with data and, once you're comfortable with that, you'll be introduced to Pygame, which will help you wrap up the book with a cool game. Who This Book Is For This book is for kids (aged 10 and over). This is book is intended for absolute beginners who lack any knowledge of computing or programming languages and want to get started in the world of programming. What You Will Learn Learning Variables, Building Functions, Interaction with Users, Intro to Math Library Build your own calculator Build on a logic game Making decisions: Logic, Control Loops Working with Data: Loops, Recursion, Dictionaries, Tuples Data scraping using the Web (there is a need to have a sample page on Packt that is safe and reliable) Using Pygame Libraries: Elements of the library Build your own game (what game? Pong) In Detail Kids are always the most fast-paced and enthusiastic learners, and are naturally willing to build stuff that looks like magic at the end (when it works!). Programming can be one such magic. Being able to write a program that works helps them feel they've really achieved something. Kids today are very tech-savvy and cannot wait to enter the fast-paced digital world. Because Python is one of the most popular languages and has a syntax that is quite simple to understand, even kids are eager to use it as a stepping stone to learning programming languages. This book will cover projects that are simple and fun, and teach kids how to write Python code that works. The book will teach the basics of Python programming, installation, and so on and then will move on to projects. The total number of projects is 2 or 3 (we definitely don't want to scare kids), with each and every step explained carefully, without any assumption of previous experience.