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Laughing Wild

Laughing Wild

by Christopher Durang

Editeur : Dramatists Play Service, Incorporated
ISBN: 9780822215288
Broché: 83
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Date d'affichage: 2020-10-17

La description:

In the first section of the play, a Woman enters and embarks on an increasingly frenetic (and funny) recital of the perils and frustrations of daily life in urban America—waiting in line, rude taxi drivers, inane talk shows and the selfish people who block the aisles in supermarkets. In particular she is incensed by a man who prevented her from buying a can of tuna fish by standing in her way—and whom she attacked in a fit of pique. In the second monologue ("Seeking Wild") the Man appears, and while the subjects on which he expounds (nuclear waste, the rigidity of the Catholic Church, particularly in sexual matters, the threat of AIDS) may be broader in context, he also dwells on an incident in a supermarket, when a