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Build watchOS Apps: Develop and Design

Build watchOS Apps: Develop and Design

by Maurice Kelly, Mark Goody

Editeur : Peachpit Press
ISBN: 9780134175171
Broché: 288
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Date d'affichage: 2020-08-04

La description:

Quickly get started creating WatchKit apps with this essential beginners guide to building apps for the Apple Watch. In this book, coauthors Mark Goody and Maurice Kelly introduce you to the technical aspects of building WatchKit apps and show you how to create a WatchKit project. In each chapter, Mark and Maurice highlight key WatchKit concepts, offering guidance and highlighting best practices, on the way to building apps for the Apple Watch. Readers will not just learn the concepts of WatchKit but understand how to use them in a real-world setting. Mark and Maurice cover how to use extensions to extend functionality and content to the watch, how to handle navigation and controls, and how to design the user interface for your apps. The coauthors look at how to handle notifications and how to communicate with an iPhone before turning to how to ship your WatchKit app. Readers will learn how to * Configure their WatchKit project. * Create interfaces and navigate between screens. * Work with interface objects. * Manage information with glances. * Handle remote and local notifications. Part of the Develop and Design series, books built for both sides of your brain.