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The Darkness Call: Essays

The Darkness Call: Essays

by Gary Fincke

Editeur : Louisiana State University Press
ISBN: 9780807168905
Broché: 164
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Date d'affichage: 2021-04-15

La description:

The Darkness Call: Essays by Gary Fincke In these essays, Gary Fincke combines a journalist’s relentless investigations into the darkest corners of the human condition with an academic’s love for arcana. In one essay, almost forgotten homeopathic recipes from the pantries of Pennsylvania Dutch country are interwoven with the panicked absurdities of elementary school health classes in the 1960s. In another, old case files of small town murders intertwine with meditations on all the fears, large and small, that accompany parenting. In The Darkness Call, Fincke plumbs the depths—child abuse, violence, illness, grief—not for their sadness but for moments of courage, hope, empathy, and light.