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The Faith Plant

The Faith Plant

by Frank Billingham

Editeur : Tate Publishing
ISBN: 9781682076170
Broché: 176
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Date d'affichage: 2020-09-15

La description:

We call ourselves children of faith. We show up for worship regularly, we participate in our church's activities, and we contribute our time and resources to insure the church's well-being. We might even have a dedicated Bible study and prayer time. Yet, we yearn for a life of victory, of overcoming or enduring obstacles, of personal control no matter the situation. We wish to be more like Christ in every aspect and area of our lives. We seek the kind of faith that rises above the situation or circumstance. We seek for increased faith. We are in good company. The disciples of Jesus Christ desired increased faith. In fact, they asked Jesus to "increase our faith." Jesus gave to them the means by which their faith could be increased. Be prepared. Increased faith is a journey that will envelop your entire life if you choose to see it to its end. The journey will humble you, direct you, and change you. The journey into faith might even open your eyes to the miraculous wonders of the kingdom of God.