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The Fungus

The Fungus

by Harry Adam Knight, Leroy Kettle, John Brosnan

Editeur : Valancourt Books
ISBN: 9781948405164
Broché: 192
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Date d'affichage: 2020-05-31

La description:

The Fungus by Harry Adam Knight, Leroy Kettle, John Brosnan When a brilliant scientist seeking to solve the problem of world hunger tries to create giant mushrooms through genetic manipulation, what could possibly go wrong? The mutated spores escape the lab and spread across all of England. Toadstools grow to twenty feet tall, and a case of athlete’s foot can mean a grisly and horrible death. But those who die quickly are the lucky ones. Those who survive infection by the fungus will be transformed into something unthinkably monstrous ... With a perfect mix of nightmarish horror and black humor, Harry Adam Knight’s cult classic The Fungus (1985) will grow on you. This edition features a foreword by the author. “A spectacularly gruesome nasty, written with inventiveness, grisly wit, and considerably more intelligence than almost any of its competitors.” – Ramsey Campbell “Loud, scary, silly, sick fun ... you will never again go near mushroom soup.” – Kirkus Reviews “A first-rate and vivid thriller.” – Publishers Weekly