Ebook para téléchargements gratuits The Pimp's Bible

The Pimp's Bible

The Pimp's Bible

by Alfred Bilbo Gholson

Editeur : Frontline Distribution International
ISBN: 9780948390791
Broché: 215
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Date d'affichage: 2020-05-23

La description:

These stories are as real as they come, they sure ain’t no joking matter. It’s a rude awakening to life or an existence in the underworld -- life underground -- another world, one of money, sex and drugs. Bilbo knows it, for he has lived it, especially after being crowned, and given the title: KING OF THE PIMPS. To his last breath Bilbo Gholson was never defensive about his life as a pimp, stating, "God made Pimps and Whores." Read More Show ...