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iPad For Seniors For Dummies

iPad For Seniors For Dummies

by Nancy C. Muir

Editeur : Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated
ISBN: 9781118352779
Broché: 400
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Date d'affichage: 2020-05-28

La description:

Discover all the incredible things your new iPad can do! The iPad has made a lot of things easier for today's seniors, and the iPad promises even more. Get the most out of your new iPad with the latest edition of this fun and practical full-color guide. Written in the friendly For Dummies style by veteran and bestselling For Dummies author Nancy C. Muir, this book sports senior-friendly larger type and lots of illustrations, so you can access information as easily as you can on your iPad! Covering the basics and beyond, and thoroughly updated for Apple’s new iPad, this book includes pages of fresh content, including the latest on using the voice dictation feature, making FaceTime video calls, taking and editing photos and HD videos, and more. • Covers the third-generation iPad, iPad 2, and the original iPad • Explains how to use the iPad in the clear, friendly, easy-to-follow language that has defined the Dummies series for two decades • Uses senior-friendly larger fonts and full-color illustrations, making the information accessible and easy to follow • Helps keep you and your stuff organized with Reminders and folders, enhance your reading experience with the stunning retina display and other accessibility features, and stay on top of the latest news with Notification Center • Covers using Maps and the calendar, video chatting with FaceTime, browsing the web, using your iPad for e-mail and Facebook, buying apps and games, reading iBooks, playing music, watching videos, shooting photos, staying safe online, and more However you want to use your iPad , the fun starts here, with iPad For Seniors For Dummies, 4th Edition.