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The Conceit of Humanitarian Intervention

The Conceit of Humanitarian Intervention

by Rajan Menon

Editeur : Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780199384877
Broché: 224
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Date d'affichage: 2020-05-21

La description:

Since the Cold War, the world has seen a surge of humanitarian interventions - that is, the use of military force to prevent mass atrocities. While Western societies typically justify the use of force on the basis of protecting universal human rights, Rajan Menon argues that human rights serve as a rationalization, rather than a motivation, for interventions. In The Conceit of Humanitarian Intervention, Menon challenges the prevailing attitudes towards military interventions based on human rights principles. Menon demonstrates that armed interventions to prevent mass killings are invoked on a highly selective basis, and are typically contingent upon national interests and power politics. Through case studies of campaigns in Iraq, Libya, and Bosnia, Menon examines the factors that determine whether or not a state will pursue an intervention. A state is not likely to intervene when the state responsible for the atrocities is an ally, or when the cost is deemed too high; for instance, Western nations chose not to intervene in Syria, despite ample evidence of mass killings. Menon calls for a greater awareness of the realities of humanitarian interventions, in which states are motivated by power and self-interest rather than an idealistic desire to protect human life. Far from eschewing the importance of protecting human rights, Menon instead offers readers a realistic view of the politics behind interventions, forcing them to consider the myriad of troubling consequences of the policy. A searing critique of the reigning wisdom on military interventions, The Conceit of Humanitarian Intervention is a must-read for anyone with an interest in international relations.