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Hong Kong Taxation: Law & Practice 2015-16

Hong Kong Taxation: Law & Practice 2015-16

by Ayesha Macpherson and Pearce

Editeur : Chinese University Press, The
ISBN: 9789629966829
Broché: 980
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Date d'affichage: 2020-07-30

La description:

This standard text is updated annually by the experienced tax professionals of KPMG, an international network of member firms offering audit, tax, and advisory services. The volume covers the major areas of Hong Kong taxation: Property Tax, Salaries Tax, Profits Tax, Personal Assessment, and Stamp Duty. It explains the principles and practice of taxation law through relevant tax cases and Board of Review decisions and contains numerous practical examples. The current edition covers the 2015-16 budget changes and the latest developments in taxation. The Chinese University Press